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About Us

We are a team of experienced professional in the field of business, leadership, management, people development and human resources management.

We find and develop the right talents for your business!

We offer support to the companies, specifically from the fast-growing industries, which operate in highly competitive global markets, in relation to their internal capacities such as the organizational structure, the business and management processes, the human resources and the talents.

Our main objective is to involve the talented candidates in our self-designed technological process through which they will acquire the appropriate business competences and soft skills and will become ready for immediate inclusion in the working processes of the employer. We develop a comprehensive, tailored technology for attraction, identification, selection, development, placement, onboarding and retention of talents, which is delivered to the companies.

meet our team

Step-up’s work is supported by a number of renowned HR experts, experienced professionals in the field of business and people development, trainers, coaches, psychologists and data analysts.

The company for training, education and consulting Talent Business Incubator "Step-Up" is a newly established start-up company, positioned in the consulting services and enterprises support. At the same time the company is engaged in the process of strengthening the human capital, especially among the identified talents of the young population. One of the main aims of the company is to develop a technological process where talented individuals will be provided with support for their preparation and development for rapid involvement in the working process and developing their entrepreneurial skills, which includes close cooperation with educational and other types of institutions and organizations